Are Soundbars Good For Music?

Are Soundbars Good For Music? (SOLVED)

In this article, we're going to discuss whether soundbars are good for music, and why soundbars may not be the best option when it comes to listening to music. Think about it, have speakers ever...
Can A Soundbars Go On The Floor?

Can A Soundbar Go On The Floor? – Read Before Buying

A soundbar is sought after because of its size and robust acoustic capabilities. Due to its size, you can place the soundbar in a lot of places, and the floor is one of those...
Soundbar Placement Options

Soundbar Placement Options – 3 Do’s & Don’ts

There are so many placement options for your soundbar, but that leaves a lot of room for mistakes that can negatively impact your viewing experience, so it's important to get it right the first...
Soundbar Lifespan

Soundbar Lifespan – How Long Do They Last?

When you invest close to a thousand dollars on hardware, the last thing you want is it to break. So, we're going to identify the lifespan of a soundbar. We're also going to see exactly...
Do Soundbars Need A Subwoofer?

Do Soundbars Need A Subwoofer? (3 Reasons)

Soundbars are a crucial addition to a home theater, but you will often see them paired with a subwoofer. So why does a soundbar need a subwoofer? Well, subwoofers do one thing really well, and...