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Are Ceiling Speakers Worth It? – 3 Reasons

So you plan on building a home theater with surround sound, but you feel like there’s something missing. You’re probably wondering whether ceiling speakers can be that missing part of a more immersive home theater setup, in this post we’re …

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Can Surround-Sound Be Placed In The Ceiling?

When building a home theater setup, there are many configurations you can go for, this is great as it allows for a large variety of home theater setups. The main idea behind home theaters is to tailor them to your …


Are Home Theaters Still Popular? – 3 Reasons

Sometimes taking a trip to the movies can seem like a hassle, and over time it can get quite expensive. If you own a home theater, this could essentially solve any problems with going to the movies, with many more …

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Is QLED Worth It? – 4 Real Reasons

Before purchasing a TV, you will often wonder whether it’s worth it as there are many different types of displays. It can be quite confusing when there are so many different terms such as QLED, OLED, LED, and LCD, so …

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Are OLED TVs Reliable?

OLED displays are one of the most popular displays for a home theater setup, this is because they produce amazing images with their contrast ratio abilities and viewing angles. They have a fast pixel response time that makes OLED TVs …

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LED TV Lifespan – Read Before Buying

When you purchase a component, the lifespan of such a component is an important factor to consider, a long-lasting TV is a sign of good manufacturing, and high-quality components. Most people do not want a TV that does not last …


bright room oled tv

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Can I Use My OLED TV In Bright Rooms? – Don’t Risk It!

Sometimes watching TV in a bright room can be distracting as a room with a high ambiance light …

TVs, Guides

QLED TV Lifespan – Read Before Buying (Updated November)

When it comes to investing in a home theater, the longevity and performance of the display technology are …
oled tv lifespan

TVs, Guides

OLED TV Lifespan – The Truth

OLED displays are one technology used to display an image on a TV, and it isn’t cheap in …
TV Aspect ratio

TVs, Guides

TV Aspect Ratio Explained: 16:9, 4:3, 21:9

Whether you’re building a home theater setup, or you’re just looking for a new television, the TVs aspect …

TVs, Guides

Does HDMI 2.0 & 2.1 Support HDR?

The quest for an immersive home theater experience has continuously driven technological advancements in audio-visual standards. One of …

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5 Best Soundbars For LG C1 (For Every Use)

Finding the right soundbar for a specific type of television like the LG C1 isn’t easy but in …


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SB 16 Ultra VS PB 16 Ultra – Full Comparison

When setting up your home theater, choosing the right subwoofer can enrich your auditory experience, bringing you a …
SVS PB 4000 VS Monolith 15

Resources, Subwoofers

SVS PB 4000 VS Monolith 15 – Full Comparison

Choosing the right home theater system can significantly enhance your multimedia experience. Whether you’re an ardent movie buff …
SVS PB 4000 VS Rythmik FV15HP

Subwoofers, Resources

SVS PB 4000 VS Rythmik FV15HP – Full Comparison

There is no denying the fact that amongst audio enthusiasts, the prevalent question is which subwoofer provides the …
SVS PB-4000 VS SB-4000

Subwoofers, Resources

SVS PB-4000 VS SB-4000 – Full Comparison

In the realm of home theater technology, a number of products promise to deliver the ultimate audio experience. …
SVS PB16 Ultra VS Monolith 16

Subwoofers, Resources

SVS PB16 Ultra VS Monolith 16

Home theaters are incomplete without the rich and immersive sound that quality subwoofers deliver. The choice of subwoofers …

Subwoofers, Resources

Klipsch R-121SW vs Klipsch R-120SW – Full Comparison

When we talk about high-performance home theater experiences, the role of sound equipment cannot be dismissed. The article …


Can You Lay an LED TV Flat When Transporting It?


Can You Lay an LED TV Flat When Transporting It?

The transportation of electronic devices, particularly large and delicate items such as an LED TV, requires careful consideration …
How to Connect a TV to a Receiver Without HDMI?

TVs, Receivers

How to Connect a TV to a Receiver Without HDMI?

When it comes to assembling a home theater system, the use of HDMI cables has become the standard …
Laser Projector Lifespan - How Long Do They Last?


Laser Projector Lifespan – How Long Do They Last?

The allure of a cutting-edge home theater experience often leads enthusiasts to consider the integration of a laser …


How to Fix a Blown Channel On a Receiver


How to Fix a Blown Channel On a Receiver

A home theater system serves as a sanctuary for audio enthusiasts and movie lovers alike, promising an encapsulating …
bluetooth speaker keep cutting out


Bluetooth Speakers Keep Cutting Out

When you’re immersed in the sonic world of your favorite music or podcast, nothing is more frustrating than …
Are Bluetooth Speakers Stereo?


Are Bluetooth Speakers Stereo?

In an era where convenience and portability reign supreme in the realm of personal audio, the popularity of …

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