Klipsch R-101SW VS Klipsch R-100SW – Full Comparison

In the world of home theaters, not many brands command the respect and admiration as Klipsch does. Particularly, when it ...

By Dewayne

In the world of home theaters, not many brands command the respect and admiration as Klipsch does. Particularly, when it comes to powered subwoofers, the names R-101SW and R-100SW emerge as two of Klipsch’s finest offerings. With built-in amplifiers, these subwoofers provide an uninterruptible sound experience tailored to enhance your enjoyment at home.

The goal of this comparative review is to delve into the detailed specifications, design features, pros, and cons of each product. The aim is to provide a comprehensive evaluation that will guide potential buyers in their decision-making process. Each product will be examined individually before digging into a side-by-side comparison to determine which one scores highest on the performance scale.

Acknowledging the critical role of detailed product analysis, this review is grounded in careful research. Even as we explore the differences between Klipsch R-101SW and Klipsch R-100SW, it is critical to note that both are exceptional products. They both offer unbeatable value in the sphere of home theaters.

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Klipsch R-101SW Overview: Key Specifications

Klipsch R-101SW VS Klipsch R-100SW

At a glance, the Klipsch R-101SW stuns with a 10″ Spun-Copper TCP Woofer and operates on a frequency response ranging from 29.5-160 Hz. Each beat you encounter exudes power, channeled through the 150 watts Max Amplifier Output.

In weight, the R-101SW is not too heavy, tipping the scales at 13.91kg. Its dimensions are logically set to keep this home theater equipment from taking up unnecessary space, recording a (H x W x D) measurement of 370.0″ x 14-1/16″ x 20-13/16″.

The R-101SW evidently incorporates essential features to make it stand out. With attention centered on sound quality, the subwoofer’s specs underscore the brand’s commitment to refining your sound experience.

The compact design is worth noting, as it allows homeowners to enjoy high quality sound without sacrificing too much space. In essence, the R-101SW combines size, power and modern design to the delight of sound enthusiasts.

  • Brand: Klipsch
  • Model: R-101SW
  • Woofer: 10 inches, Poly fiber composite cone
  • Cabinet: MDF with brushed black polymer veneer
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 15.7 inches
  • Minimum frequency response: 32 Hz
  • Maximum frequency response: 120 Hz
  • Amplifier power: 150 watts continuous/300 watts peak
  • RMS power: 150 watts
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Connectivity: Line level/LFE RCA inputs

Design Features of Klipsch R-101SW

Aside from the impressive specifications of the Klipsch R-101SW, its design features further accentuate the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to users’ satisfaction. Packed within its modestly sized structure are brilliantly engineered features designed to maximize sound output.

The 10″ Spun-Copper TCP Woofer leads the list of design features. Not only does it give the Klipsch R-101SW a pleasant aesthetic, but it also strengthens the sound quality significantly, delivering passions and melodies in their purest forms.

Next, is the meticulously arranged frequency response of 29.5-160 Hz. This arrangement ensures that the R-101SW is as versatile as they come, confronting low and high pitches with unparalleled efficiency. For a home theater, this feature is a strong advantage.

Finally, the Klipsch R-101SW, being a Powered subwoofer, possesses a built-in amplifier that barely consumes power, yet it amplifies sound like none other. The 150 watts Max Amplifier Output is evidence of this mark of quality. Indeed, the design of R-101SW speaks volumes about its efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Klipsch R-101SW

Every product has its merits and demerits, and the Klipsch R-101SW is not exempted. Among its numerous advantages, the R-101SW performs exceptionally well serving as a core part of the home theater sound system. Its sound output is not only loud but clear, offering sound enthusiasts a delightful experience.

The R-101SW’s design is another going point, considering its compact size and weight at 13.91kg. This design allows it to take up less space in your living area, making it a convenient choice for those with space constraints.

However, there are a few cons that the discerning buyer might want to take note of. Being a powered subwoofer, the R-101SW has the potential for higher power consumption, which might be a concern for some individuals. Furthermore, some might find the interplay of weight and size a little off balance. While it’s compact and ideal for small spaces, it might be considered heavy (13.91kg) by some standards.


  • Exceptional performance as a core part of the home theater sound system with clear and loud sound output.
  • Compact design, allowing it to take up less space in the living area, ideal for those with space constraints.
  • Versatility in handling different sound levels due to a wider frequency response range.


  • Potential for higher power consumption, characteristic of powered subwoofers.
  • Might be considered on the heavy side (13.91kg) despite its compact size.

Klipsch R-100SW Overview: Key Specifications

Klipsch R-101SW VS Klipsch R-100SW

Similar to its cousin, the Klipsch R-100SW also features a 10″ Copper-spun IMG Woofer, capable of morphing ordinary sound into extraordinary melodies. The subwoofer boasts a frequency response of 32-120 Hz, ensuring its relevance across different genres of music and sound levels.

Its Max Amplifier Output is identical to the Klipsch R-101SW, standing strong at 150 watts, signaling its exceptional amplification ability. The Klipsch R-100SW weighs less than the R-101SW, coming in at 10.91 kg. Testament to its compactness, the (H x W x D) dimensions for the R-100SW read 372.0″ x 12-9/16″ x 18-1/16″.

Given these specifications, the R-100SW promises an unrivalled home theater experience. It is designed to cover a wide range of sound frequencies, delivering clear sounds within a compact size and lighter weight compared to some other subwoofers in its class.

  • Brand: Klipsch
  • Model: R-100SW
  • Woofer: 10 inches, Spun copper IMG (Injection Molded Graphite)
  • Cabinet: MDF with scratch resistant, textured wood grain vinyl
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 12.5 x 16.4 inches
  • Minimum frequency response: 32 Hz
  • Maximum frequency response: 120 Hz
  • Amplifier power: 150 watts continuous/300 watts peak
  • RMS power: 150 watts
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Connectivity: Line level/LFE RCA inputs

Design Features of Klipsch R-100SW

The Klipsch R-100SW not just delivers on sound quality but on design as well. It is a beautifully crafted piece of equipment that would improve any living space and provide unmatched sound quality. Its most notable design feature is the 10″ Copper-spun IMG Woofer, which is instrumental in the production of the deep bass the product is known for.

The subwoofer also features a frequency response of 32-120Hz, which ensures wider coverage and versatility in handling different sound pitches, from the high to the low. Combine this with its capable Max Amplifier Output of 150 watts, and what you get is a powerful piece of audio equipment that is a powerhouse in sound amplification.

Further solidifying R-100SW’s design prowess is its compact and lightweight nature. The subwoofer measures a convenient 372.0″ x 12-9/16″ x 18-1/16″ in dimensions. Its weight of 10.91kg is a plus, as it makes the R-100SW less cumbersome and easier to move around.

Indeed, the R-100SW has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum user satisfaction and an exceptional home theater experience. The design features further reinforce Klipsch’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio in a user-friendly package.

Pros and Cons of Klipsch R-100SW

Not surprisingly, the Klipsch R-100SW comes with its own set of pros and cons. Starting with the pros, the R-100SW’s sound quality is nothing short of impressive. These personalized sound experiences are largely made possible by the 10″ Copper-spun IMG Woofer, the wide frequency response, and the powerful Max Amplifier Output.

Another favorable feature is the compact and lightweight design of R-100SW. A weight of 10.91kg, alongside dimensions of 372.0″ x 12-9/16″ x 18-1/16″, is indicative of an efficient design that can comfortably fit into small spaces without difficulties.

On the flip side, the cons are also worth considering. The potential for higher power consumption, common among Powered subwoofers, is a slight drawback. Additionally, although marginally lighter than the R-101SW, at 10.91kg, some might still consider it to be somewhat heavy.


  • Impressive sound quality, provided by the 10″ Copper-spun IMG Woofer, wide frequency response, and powerful max amplifier output.
  • Lighter weight (10.91kg) and compact design, making it less cumbersome and easier to move around.
  • Suits smaller spaces with its efficient design.


  • Slight potential for higher power consumption, common in powered subwoofers.
  • Although lighter than the R-101SW, some might still find it somewhat heavy at 10.91kg.

Comparing the Design of Klipsch R-101SW and R-100SW

No doubt, both the Klipsch R-101SW and R-100SW are artfully designed to satisfy user needs and aesthetic appreciation. Consider the brilliant decision to incorporate 10″ woofers in both subwoofers, a choice that significantly impacts the sound quality they deliver.

Their frequency responses differ marginally, with the R-101SW covering a wider range (29.5-160 Hz) as against the R-100SW’s range of 32-120 Hz. This shows R-101SW’s potential for versatility in handling different sound levels.

While specifications might be similar, the design’s impact varies considering different users’ contexts and tastes. R-100SW is lighter (10.91kg) and smaller in dimension than R-101SW. For individuals concerned about weight and space, R-100SW holds a slight edge over R-101SW. In essence, the design comparison reiterates the fact that choice depends largely on individual preferences and spatial constraints.

Examining the Performance: Klipsch R-101SW VS Klipsch R-100SW

In terms of performance, both R-101SW and R-100SW offer commendable level of quality. However, some differences come into play when looking at their frequency responses and weight-to-size ratio. While the R-101SW reaches a lower frequency (29.5 Hz), the R-100SW is lighter and smaller in dimension.

The R-101SW may serve better in situations requiring broad tonal coverage, owing to its larger frequency response range. Simultaneously, the R-100SW will be an excellent choice for smaller spaces, given its lighter weight and smaller dimensions.

Summarily, the performance comparison between Klipsch R-101SW and R-100SW shows inevitable differences despite their shared commitment to delivering high-quality sound. Potential buyers must weigh their needs against these differences to make a suitable choice.

The Bottom Line: Which is Better?

Determining which subwoofer is best should be viewed from a lens of individual preference. If you prefer a subwoofer with a wider frequency response range, the R-101SW might be a better option even though it is slightly heavier.

On the other hand, if you place importance on size and weight, the R-100SW, with its lightweight and compact design, would serve you better. However, it comes with a shrink in the frequency response range.

The bottom line is that both subwoofers are excellently built, delivering high-quality sound with great design features. It is up to the individual user to consider their needs and preferences when choosing the Klipsch subwoofer that best suits them.


When it comes to making a choice between the Klipsch R-101SW and the Klipsch R-100SW, the decision is heavily influenced by individual preferences and needs. Both subwoofers are expertly designed and provide a remarkable home theater experience.

However, their differences in frequency response, size, and weight, may impact the choice for a prospective buyer. Irrespective of these slight variances, one fact stands: both subwoofers deliver on Klipsch’s promise of high quality, powerful sound, and fantastic design – a truly fulfilling home theater experience.

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