SB 16 Ultra VS PB 16 Ultra – Full Comparison

When setting up your home theater, choosing the right subwoofer can enrich your auditory experience, bringing you a step closer ...

By Dewayne

When setting up your home theater, choosing the right subwoofer can enrich your auditory experience, bringing you a step closer to an immersive encounter. While numerous subwoofers are vying for attention in the market, two products have effectively managed to stand out: SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra by SVS. This narrative draws comparison between these two leading subwoofers, enabling you to determine which one suits your needs better for a splendid home theater setup.

Being one of the leading names in the audio industry, SVS excels in creating high-quality home theater equipment. Its two powerful models, the SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra, are among the best high-end subwoofers available today. Although they bear similar names and share common design features, key differences exist in their specifications. This comprehensive guide aims to clear any doubts about your potential investment in either model.

An irreproachable home theater system calls for a flawless subwoofer that truly enhances the cinematic experience. SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra both promise a home theater performance that is not merely acceptable, but exceptional. Let’s delve deeper into the analysis and compare their key features, design elements, pros and cons, and finally assess which one of these top-tier subwoofers would be an ideal fit for your home theater.

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SB 16 Ultra Overview: Key Specifications

SB 16 Ultra VS PB 16 Ultra

The SB 16 Ultra, crafted by SVS, is a front-firing subwoofer that boasts a robust MDF cabinet. This sound equipment weighs around 122 pounds unboxed, making it a fairly heavy player in the market. The inclusion of a Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier ensures the seamless delivery of audio signals.

The SB 16 Ultra possesses a 16-inch driver, supporting your passion for unambiguous sound quality in your home theater. The product is quite sizable, with its dimensions stretching to 20″ in height, 19.5″ in width, and 20.1″ in depth without the grille. Onlookers are dumbfounded by its muscular build.

This powerhouse of a subwoofer uses 1,500 watts of RMS continuous power, capable of peaking over 5000 watts. This feature delivers precise, explosive bass at a high volume, forming an incontestable part of your home theater layout. The XLR and RCA stereo input/output permit greater connectivity.

While the sensitivity values of the SB 16 Ultra are not explicitly provided, it is safe to assert that its other impressive specifications more than make up for it. Such a dynamic subwoofer with substantial power output can enhance every minute detail of your home theater’s audio.

  • Brand: SVS
  • Model: SB 16 Ultra
  • Woofer: Front-firing 16″ driver
  • Cabinet: Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)
  • Weight: 122 pounds (unboxed), shipped weight: 145.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20″ (H) x 19.5″ (W) x 20.1″ (D) without grille; 20” (H) X 19.5” (W) X 22.9” (D) with grille
  • Minimum frequency response: 30 Hz
  • Maximum frequency response: 200 Hz
  • Amplifier power: Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier with 1,500 watts RMS continuous (5,000+ watts peak dynamic)
  • RMS power: 1,500 watts
  • Sensitivity: Not specified
  • Connectivity: XLR and RCA stereo input/output

Design Features of SB 16 Ultra

The design of the SB 16 Ultra mirrors its high-quality performance. It is bestowed with a front-firing 16-inch driver, promising absolute sound fidelity. The subwoofer’s Medium Density Fiberboard construction frames its sturdy and enduring persona, making it an aspect worth considering for your home theater.

Clad in a metallic black finish, the SB 16 Ultra strikes a commanding presence. Its sleek, functional design aids in delivering a deep, controlled bass, enriching every movie or game night. When it comes to aesthetics, this subwoofer spares no expense to complement the visual appeal of your home theater setup.

The SB 16 Ultra’s easy-to-access connectivity options allow a variety of entertainment devices to be linked up, adding to its convenience. Its robust yet minimalist design endorses an intense audio performance, making it a perfect companion for your home theater.

Effortlessly melding aesthetics with performance, the SB 16 Ultra is an embodiment of elite acoustics. Its thoughtful design promotes user-friendly operation and the high-quality material guarantees longevity. As a focal point in your home theater, the SB 16 Ultra earns admiration for its appearance as well as its functionality.

Pros and Cons of SB 16 Ultra

The SB 16 Ultra, with its numerous commendable attributes, offers a spectacular audio enhancement for your home theater. Its remarkable power output results in explosive, deep bass reflections. The model also flaunts a wide range of connectivity options, accommodating various configurations.

One of the key advantages of this unit is its robust MDF construction. This sturdiness guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring a worthwhile investment. Besides, its impeccable design is another standout characteristic — its powerful presence models a visually pleasing home theater setup.

However, with positives come certain negatives. One apparent downside to the SB 16 Ultra is its substantial weight. Its bulky stature might deter those seeking a compact design. Another potential concern is the lack of clear information on its sensitivity, which might dissuade some audiophiles.

Considering everything, the pros of the SB 16 Ultra certainly outweigh its cons. Its rich features and sturdy build make it a fantastic addition to any home theater. The few issues noted are relatively minor and unlikely to impact its overall performance significantly.


  • Powerful and robust subwoofer with a 16-inch driver delivering deep and punchy bass.
  • Wide array of connectivity options with RCA and XLR stereo input/output.
  • Sturdy MDF construction ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Its sleek and functional design not only delivers high-quality sound, but also fits seamlessly into any home theater decor.


  • Higher weight, making mobility and placement more difficult.
  • Absence of clear sensitivity specifications may deter some audio enthusiasts.

PB 16 Ultra Overview: Key Specifications

SB 16 Ultra VS PB 16 Ultra

The PB 16 Ultra, another flagship subwoofer from SVS, has a majestic front-firing design entrenched in a robust MDF framework. This model weighs considerably more than the SB 16 Ultra, with the unboxed item tipping the scales at 174.5 pounds. Similar to its counterpart, it also employs the Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier.

This model also sports a 16-inch driver, signaling its determination for absolute sound fidelity in your home theater. The PB 16 Ultra reveals a more significant stature with dimensions of 25″ in height, 21.7” in width, and 28.3” in depth. This sheer size asserts its position as an imposing part of your home setup.

The PB 16 Ultra delivers 1,500 watts of RMS continuous power and has a substantial peak of over 5000 watts. This powerhouse subwoofer strives for perfect bass performance, flowing seamlessly with the rest of your home theater system. The XLR and RCA stereo input/output offer the flexibility of various configurations.

Notwithstanding the lack of explicit sensitivity measures, the PB 16 Ultra shines in its other attributes. This outstanding subwoofer with its vast power output leaves an indelible sonic impression, making it a supreme addition to your home theater setup.

  • Brand: SVS
  • Model: PB 16 Ultra
  • Woofer: Front-firing 16″ driver
  • Cabinet: Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)
  • Weight: 174.5 lbs (unboxed), shipped weight: 207.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25″ (H) x 21.7″ (W) x 28.3″ (D) without grille; 25” (H) X 21.7” (W) X 30.9” (D) with grille
  • Minimum frequency response: 13-15 Hz (depending on mode)
  • Maximum frequency response: 280-360 Hz (depending on mode)
  • Amplifier power: Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier with 1,500 watts RMS continuous (5,000+ watts peak dynamic)
  • RMS power: 1,500 watts
  • Sensitivity: Not specified
  • Connectivity: XLR and RCA stereo input/output

Design Features of PB 16 Ultra

The PB 16 Ultra is a revelation when it comes to its design. This comprehensive subwoofer boasts a sturdy MDF construction, offering prolonged durability for your home theater enjoyment. Its robust body houses a 16-inch driver, optimizing the quality of bass output.

Thanks to its sleek, elegant build, the PB 16 Ultra scores high on aesthetics. Its envisioned configuration enables the delivery of deep, precise bass, enriching your auditory experience. This model, replete with visual appeal, accessorizes your home theater with a touch of musical charm.

This avant-garde model is well-designed to establish superior connectivity. Its user-friendly interface allows the linking of multiple entertainment devices, underscoring its conveniency as a reliable home theater unit. This design manages to blend power and performance in a sleek, attractive shell.

The PB 16 Ultra is a symbol of dynamic acoustics, coupling splendid aesthetics with exceptional output. Its streamlined operation and lasting quality promise a lifetime of heightened sonic indulgence. In the sphere of home theaters, this model reinforces the concept of superior functionality in conjunction with complementary aesthetics.

Pros and Cons of PB 16 Ultra

Among all attributes of the PB 16 Ultra, the primary advantage is its immense power potential. This dynamic subwoofer roars with deep, intense bass, complementing high-quality home theater setups. In addition, the wide assortment of connectivity options is another feather in its cap.

The durability of the PB 16 Ultra is a testament to its robust MDF construction. Amidst the recurrence of fluctuating sound levels, the unit delivers unwavering performance over an extended period. Its appealing design, coupled with potent capacities, leaves a lasting impression on users.

On the flip side, this subwoofer’s considerable weight might be a deal-breaker for some. Moreover, the inconspicuous absence of explicit sensitivity figures can lead to ambiguity amongst discerning audiophiles.

Despite minor detractions, the PB 16 Ultra scores majorly with its prime features and robust design. The subwoofer proves its dominance in sound clarity and power, making it a desirable addition to a high-end home theater setup. It’s a minor trade-off, given the colossal benefits.


  • Large and powerful 16-inch driver that delivers a deeper and more resonating bass output.
  • Extensive connectivity with RCA and XLR stereo input/output.
  • Robust MDF construction ensuring durability and performance.
  • Sleek, metallic black design that adds an aesthetic appeal to any home theater setup.


  • Considerable weight that could make placement and portability issues.
  • Lack of explicit sensitivity information which might dissuade some audiophiles.

Comparing the Design of SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra

The designs of the SB 16 Ultra and the PB 16 Ultra are remarkably similar, both bearing a robust MDF construction with a 16-inch driver. However, the PB 16 Ultra leads in sheer size, flaunting significantly larger height, width, and depth dimensions. This makes it a striking addition to larger home theater setups, while the SB 16 Ultra might meld better in a space-conscious setting.

Despite sharing a plethora of common design elements, the two models differentiate through their distinct personas. While both models boast a black metallic finish that complements modern decor, their size difference is bound to cater to contrasting spectator preferences.

The implementation of connectivity options in both models is comparable, with both subwoofers offering RCA and XLR stereo input/output. However, these similarities in design do not discount the importance of individual tastes and application contexts in determining their suitability for a given home theater setup.

In conclusion, the design preference between the SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra essentially boils down to individual space constraints and aesthetic preferences. While the PB 16 Ultra affirms its dominance with its towering presence, the SB 16 Ultra presents a more confined design.

Examining the Performance: SB 16 Ultra VS PB 16 Ultra

Concerning performance, the SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra are rather similar yet possess a few key differences. Both units wield the power of a Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier, resulting in a powerful, consistent bass output. Their performance in a home theater context is certainly commendable, delivering clean, crisp audio with an articulate bass response.

Potential differences start to surface when we consider their dimensions. Owing to its larger size, the PB 16 Ultra is expected to output a more wholesome sound, adding a deeper feel to your home theater’s bass. In contrast, the SB 16 Ultra, with its smaller frame, makes an ideal candidate for those wanting punchy, more focused bass tones.

Both units, however, do not disclose their sensitivity statistics, which can be a significant factor for audiophiles. Despite the lack of these figures, their performance is still impressive, ensuring your home theater setup is not compromised in any way.

When comparing the two, it’s clear that both models deliver a superb level of performance, albeit subtly different. The PB 16 Ultra seems to favour those craving a deep, robust bass that resonates throughout a large space, while the SB 16 Ultra seems to lean towards a tighter, more compact bass impact.

The Bottom Line: Which is Better?

Choosing between the SVS SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra depends ultimately on your specific priorities and inclinations. Both units exhibit high performance and come well-equipped with an array of features. However, the PB 16 Ultra’s larger size and capacity for deeper bass make it suitable for larger rooms or more wide-ranging audio experiences.

On the other hand, the SB 16 Ultra might be the preferred choice for a tighter, more controlled bass, particularly in smaller spaces. Furthermore, its lighter weight can be appealing to those who anticipate moving their setup or wish for a more portable solution.

In terms of pricing, the SB 16 Ultra comes off as more wallet-friendly. However, if budget is a lesser concern, and you’re vying for more power and grandeur, the PB 16 Ultra might fit the bill. In essence, if you prefer a robust, room-filling bass, the PB 16 Ultra should be your choice. However, if size, weight, and budget are critical and you still aim for exceptional performance, the SB 16 Ultra is a compelling pick.


Determining the best subwoofer from the SVS SB 16 Ultra and PB 16 Ultra model should not be a binary choice, as both present a package of remarkable features. Both models guarantee an exceptional score on high performance, power-packed output, design aesthetics, and durability. They are equipped to fill your room with rich, intricate bass notes, thereby elevating your home theater experience.

Ultimately, the decision to choose between these two extraordinary subwoofers depends primarily on your personal expectations, room size, and budget. As you evaluate each product against your list of requirements, remember that the goal is to enhance the audio experience of your chosen entertainment space, the home theater.

Through this comparative analysis, we hope to have equipped you with insights that will aid in your decision-making process for the perfect subwoofer. Whether you go for the grandiose PB 16 Ultra or the compact yet powerful SB 16 Ultra, the promise of an immersive sonic experience in your home theater is assured.

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