Audio & Sound For Home Theaters

The sound and audio of a home theater is what generates most of the cinematic experience. When you’re watching a movie, the element of sound is what generates a strong emotional and immersive response which will make you forget you’re watching a movie.

There are quite a few components that go into creating an authentic cinematic experience, you can go down the soundbar route or choose a full-on surround-sound system.

Are Soundbars Good For Home Theaters?

Soundbars are popular for a reason because they can emulate a theater experience at an affordable price. They’re able to produce a much better audio experience than a traditional speaker setup.

Soundbars work by implementing several speakers into a single device that can produce surround sound when positioned in a specific way. It essentially makes you think the sound is coming from behind you by bouncing sound off walls.

If you’re looking for a budget surround-sound option, or you need a portable solution, soundbars are perfect as they’re cheap, more portable, and effective.

Are Surround-Sound Systems Good For Home Theaters?

Surround-Sound systems uses physical speakers setup to achieve surround sound audio. Your aim is to have speakers in every corner of your room to project audio at you.

Surround-Sound systems usually have 5 speakers 1 center speaker and a subwoofer which describes a 5.1 setup. The 5 represents the number of speakers and the 1 represents the subwoofer. There is also a 7.1 setup which adds an additional 2 speakers.

5.1 and 7.1 setups have their pros and cons but what setup you go for depends on your situation. For larger rooms the 7.1 setup will be better due to the extra power of 2 speakers. 5.1 setups are better for smaller rooms. Don’t assume 7.1 setups are better due to 2 extra speakers, it can harm your listening experience.

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